Customer Service

Canceling an Order

We encourage you to review your order carefully before submitting. If after you place an order you decide to cancel it, then please email right away to inform us. Your order can not be canceled once the status changes from "Open". Orders that are "In Process" or "Shipped" can not be cancelled under normal circumstances. If you would like to cancel an In Process order (or a recently Shipped order - before the carrier picked it up) then please email us right away. Sometimes (not always), depending on the warehouse shipped from, if the carrier did not pick up the order yet we may be able to manually look for your order among all outgoing shipments to pull it. Please note that this is a timely process. A cancellation processing and restocking fee of up to the greater of 3% will be charged to all cancellations of orders "In Process" or marked as "Shipped". We will send you an email confirming that your order has been cancelled. Your order is not cancelled until you receive that confirmation from us. If you do not receive that confirmation within 24 hours, then we probably did not receive your email so please follow up with a second email request. If we are unable to cancel your order then you will need to follow the guidelines of our return policy to return the merchandise. Please don't refuse the shipment because that may result in your order getting lost, and may cause problems in issuing you a refund.

Refusing a Shipment

If for any reason you decide you would like to cancel your order before you receive it, then DO NOT REFUSE THE SHIPMENT. You MUST accept the delivery in order for us to accept a return unless we notify you otherwise. In many cases, returns are sent to a different address than the return address on the original shipping label. You must email if you would like to return merchandise, even if you have not yet received the merchandise. If you refuse the package then there is no guarantee that we will receive it, and if our Returns Dept. doesn't receive the return then no credit will be issued to you and you will not be able to dispute the charges with your credit card company. We ask you to please follow these guidelines to make the process easier for you and for us.

Disputing A Charge

There may be instances where you decide to dispute a charge with your credit card company instead of contacting us to cancel, return, or wait for an item. Please note that My Smoking Jacket highly recommends contacting customer support at before contacting your credit card company. In almost all cases we will help resolve your issue without the need for you to contact your credit card company. You will also receive your refund quicker if you contact us first